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18117 Jonhodge (2000 NY23) là một tiểu hành tinh vành đai chính được phát hiện ngày 5 tháng 7 năm 2000 bởi LONEOS program ở Trạm Anderson Mesa thuộc Đài thiên văn Lowell gần Flagstaff, Arizona.

Tênd in honor và recognition of the enormous contribution to the dissemination of astronomy bởi Jonathan T. Hodge (b. 1948 – 4 tháng 1 năm 2006). Hodge taught ở Santa Monica College và served as the director (1976–2005) of the Santa Monica College Planetarium (now Drescher Planetarium). He taught astronomy to schoolchildren, college students, và the general public. Before going to Santa Monica, Hodge was a regular lecturer ở Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles. Through the năm Hodge also coordinated an annual astronomical lecture series ở University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). Hodge, along with astronomy professor "Woody" Sobel [Heywood Sobel], was instrumental in encouraging Robert P. Lozano to establish the Santa Monica Amateur Astronomy Club which began in 1981. Hodge was a member thuộc Astronomical Society of the Pacific và International Planetarium Society. Hodge in his younger năm majored in astronomy và graduated from University of Southern California in Los Angeles with a degree in the history of medieval science, a side interest that would serve him well during his career in education và planetariums.

Proposal for asteroid honor by Thor Dockweiler to Simon P. Balm (UCLA và Santa Monica College), who then submitted it to Donald K. Yeomans ở Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL).

  • Minor Planet Circulars, 2005 December 15.
  • History of the Santa Monica Amateur Astronomy Club: A Beginning – First Edition, Chapter 4: "Gentleman Extraordinaire – The Legacy of Jonathan T. Hodge", 2006, ISBN 0-9788745-5-2.
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